G-MAX x5

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NO. Latin Name English Name Weight in a capsule (mg) Ingredients per capsule (%) Active ingredient Active ingredient (%) Active ingredient weight per capsule(mg)
1 Herba Epimedii Horny Goat Weed 106mg 23.56% Root icariine ≥5% ≥1.11mg
2 Flos Caryophylli Clove 100mg 22.22% Seed eugenic acid ≥80% ≥17.76mg
3 Semen Allii Teberosi Tuber Onion seed 100mg 22.22% Seed alkaloid ≥2% ≥0.444mg
4 Rhizoma Curculiginis Common Curculigo Rhizome 50mg 11.11% stem saponin ≥1.5% ≥0.0833mg
5 Radix Rehmanniae chinese Fox-Glove Root 50mg 11.11% Tuber Crude polysaccharide ≥10% ≥0.5555mg
6 Fructus Tribuli Puncturevien Caltrop Fruit 44mg 9.78% stem saponin ≥2.5% ≥0.0.1389mg