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V-XL DELAY 100 spray is the perfect addition to your sexual health range.

Designed to let your customers increase their sexual experience by extending the time they can be with their partner.

This powerful formula, with one spray, desensitises the penis to delay ejaculation, which is sure to bring your customers back time and time again.

As always, we are so confident that this product will be a winner - it's 100% Risk Free

Our "Sell it or Return it" Guarantee is valid for a whole year after you place your order.

V-XL DELAY 100 spray is available as Single 12ml Bottles, enough for up to 15 sprays, and is packed in Refill Display Sleeves, containing 6 bottles.


avena sativa extract
hypericum perforatum extract

methyl lactate

carylyl glycol

polysorbate 20

alcohol denat